Chicken and Broad bean soup

Why Broad/Fava beans?

After watching enough Ethiopian cooking Youtube videos and Hannibal Lector touting them in Silence of the Lambs I put them on my food bucket list. My attention span for food is short so it became my duty to devour them asap!

So yeah…I was curious about how they tasted. Sorry it really wasnt anymore complicated than that. My problem was finding them not what to do with them. It felt dang near like searching for the Holy Grail in my small town. I drove around Killeen to various grocery stores and could not find them! I was honestly ready to take a drive to Austin because I didnt want to order them online. I’d be waiting too long for delivery and the fascination might wear off by the time they arrive. Look idc how random it sounds but I am kinda like that. Once I put the mission on the backburner I promise that’s when I stumbled on to them.

While out in Temple, TX, hanging with my friends we stopped by H.E.B. to grab some munchies. LOL!!! We were super ZOOTED running around grabbing candy and chips like it’s Supermarket Sweep. But even as zooted as I was I wanted to mark Temple, H.E.B. off the list for fava beans.

No ma’am…THEY FREAKING HAD THEM!!! 🀾🏽🀾🏽🀾🏽

So I figured soup em up because my boys love soups and stews. It guarantees they won’t think twice about trying this “new” bean. So here it is short and sweet instructions!


1-2 lbs Smoked Turkey

1 lb Chicken cut up into inch chunks

1 lb of dry Broad Beans/Fava Beans

4 small potatoes diced

3 carrots diced

1/2 large yellow onion sliced in thin strips

4 cloves garlic chopped small

4 cups chicken stock

1 bundle of leeks sliced in 1/2 inch strips

1 cup chopped cilantro

2 bay leaves

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon Hungarian Paprika

Sea salt and pepper to taste

There is nothing difficult about how to make this soup. I refuse to spend 10 years elaborating on how to chop an onion. It’s a one pot type of meal. Once 🀷🏽 everything boils together. In a total of 3 hours the soup is done! It’s healthy and once it’s boiling on the stove you can sit back and chill. Check in occasionally to make sure the water does not boil all the way down.

Your attention is just needed really to prep and chop the vegetables.

Thoroughly wash and rinse the broad beans to remove any possible dirt. Fill a stock pot 3/4 full of water and boil beans and smoked turkey on a little less than High for 1.5 hours. Add water as it cooks down as to not burn anything. Then add in all ingredients. If you don’t have enough space just continue to add the chicken broth as the water cooks down. If you run out simply add water. Stir occasionally as you check up on it. After 1.5 more hours the meat will be done and the vegetables tender. Take out the smoked turkey, chop it up and add back into the soup. Stir. Serve!

Tal Bakes OUT! ✌🏽😭

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