Salmon… and what that mystery herb Tarragon in the cabinet is for??

Salmon naturally tastes good. It’s a super easy fish to work with in the kitchen. It looks all fancy LOL but don’t let that intimidate you. You can easily plate and make this extra special if you want to.

Or have a nice healthy meal and look expert if somebody happens to drop by. 😂😂 I know it sounds terrible but really it’s not LOL. I start with 2 lb of salmon. That’s usually enough to feed my family which is 4 people. Typically there’s some left over. I seasoned super simple but it’s going to turn out fabulous. I used garlic, olive oil, garlic, tarragon, rosemary, black pepper and sea salt. Just rub a nice light coat of olive oil on your fish. Then lightly season. Very simple. I typically bake mine for 30 minutes max at a Preheated 350 degrees. I check it after 20 minutes to make sure that is still fluffy and not burned. Today it was 25 mins till done.

About Tarragon…

Now tarragon is a random herb that appears in cabinets. So super random it doesn’t get used. I have passed over it many times, I can’t even lie. Lol. And then finally I had to question okay well what can I do with this herb anyway??? Well it goes good with chicken and fish to start!! It’s similar to the taste of anise. Lightly though… Now what’s pretty cool is it improves in the body when eaten. I provided a link that sums up some things. It’s great for your cardiovascular and digestion. So smile when you eat this… #guiltfree!!

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