Best Brownie Near Me!!

OK so everyone has their thing. The one sweet that is greater above others. For me its the chocolate brownie. Nothing like a Sunday to change your life. I dont care what’s going on. If you give me a hot fudge brownie — I Am Fine. So periodically I need its fix. Its like i start thinking about it at random ass times. Like 9:54 am. No matter what goes on my mind always comes back it. So in Killeen, TX its not really a place I think of when it comes to food. It is it better than the towns around it. Yeah but sometimes you have to work with what u got.

So who got the best brownie? Well lol after being here for forever and some change. Its gonna be Pluckers!!! For some…What is a Pluckers? Its a pretty good wing bar. The favors are good and the meals and sides are really good. But that brownie y’all! Its big enough to share but I don’t. Sorry gotta get your own with me. Its a freshly baked, chocolate brownie, topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. I mean the sugar rush is so serious!! Like I don’t take calls when I’m eating it! You could be a whole soulmate on the other line and once I get home I will call.

Service is typically quick so typically I can be in and out in an hour. Im close to the expressway too. I can quickly get other places so dropping the brownie in any given day is super easy. I curb those female insane mental moments more than people know thanks to Pluckers. 😂 I hope they live long and prosper.

Food Porn in my phone!!!

Do I have a problem with foodporn? Yes I do and I’ll be the first to admit it. Just for giggles I went through my phone to see how many pictures I had of just food and it was a little ridiculous. LOL so I thought I would share with you some photos that I have LOL. Now keep in mind this site is definitely PG-13 so I’ve kept the racy ones down.

Man…some of these places I really need to go back to…

Ahem… when I have money to go. 😂😂

A Donut Shop Really?

So believe it or not, I actually do own a donut shop. It sounded cute and cuddly until I started actually working there. I had to juggle my 3 kids, a crazy ex-husband and an extremely back-breaking business venture. The previous owner was one of my friends and she worked there by herself. And when I say by herself I mean BY HERSELF. We were super excited about me taking on this new project and completely unrealistic. So yeah I had to learn how to make donuts and some different pastries. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever learned to cook. Not to mention the most labor-intensive.

Then I had to deal with customers who were extremely hurt their favorite donut lady was leaving. Probably the most depressing time of my life because it seemed like nothing I did was working. The building itself was extremely old from like the 70s. So everything you can imagine that could break on my watch, did break on my watch. It put a new meaning to 99 Problems. Lol. So between learning how to make donuts, shit breaking all the time, and a crazy ex threatening to burn it all down I lost a little bit of my sanity along the way.

I had to learn how to run a business while I was running a business. I don’t suggest anyone try that at home. I picked up side hustles to still pay my bills while I was figuring out the financially draining situation. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I do have direction and I do know how to make donuts really well. So now that most of my finances are caught up, it now leaves me more freedom which means I can focus on making the shop better. So NO, I haven’t given up on my business I just realized not all my eggs are going into it. I have to make sure that I have other things set up so that I can truly have the time to grow the business. And be able to profit from it.

Lol starting from scratch sucks… Yet here we are…

Pinto Beans

So pinto beans are actually one of my favorite kinds of beans. They’re very versatile as far as flavoring goes. A lot of people put ham in their pinto beans to flavor it. I don’t eat pork anymore due to dietary laws so I had to figure out new creative ways to flavor my favorite beans. This time around I wanted to give them a more bolder flavor. I don’t want to bore you with a step-by-step process. I mean it’s pretty simple you wash the beans. Finely chop up some onion and fresh garlic and sautee with sea salt and black pepper. Once those are browning go ahead and add the pinto beans stir them around. Add about an inch of water above the beansh. Lastly add a Maggi seasoning cube. Put in about a teaspoon of tumeric and of cumin. Add more salt and pepper to taste and let it cook down. It’s super fast and super easy and they’re pretty much done in about maybe 15 minutes at the most. 👌🏽

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

I love salads but they can get boring real fast. I swear in America we have some of the most simplest boring foods out there… like no creativity. Like our salads consist of lettuce tomato, cucumber and put some dressing on it. And the dressing kind of makes it pointless that you ate a salad if you’re counting calories and stuff. What I found useful is to remove the lettuce. You want to make a salad interesting once you take lettuce out of the picture you now have to figure out how to make this a full side. That’s when you start to experiment with different types of vegetables, spices and herbs that can actually make your salad exciting and people will want to eat it. Also this will make it healthier for you and you can get away from that dependency of “Do I have salad dressing in the refrigerator?”

So tonight I made a tomato and cucumber salad influenced by Mediterranean cooking. I used what I had in the pantry. I tend to keep vinegar and olive oil on deck at all times. You can always use them to flavor food’s. What makes this a little bit different is that I add cilantro. So if you’re one of those people who hate cilantro you can actually get off my blog right now because I love it and it tends to pop up in the most unusual dishes. Also I love these little spicy peppers they’re pretty as far as color goes and they really pep up a salad.

What’s in it? Cilantro, peperoncini, tomato’s, cucumbers, red onions, black olives and feta cheese.

Toss with red wine vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and lemon juice.


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