Pinto Beans

So pinto beans are actually one of my favorite kinds of beans. They’re very versatile as far as flavoring goes. A lot of people put ham in their pinto beans to flavor it. I don’t eat pork anymore due to dietary laws so I had to figure out new creative ways to flavor my favorite beans. This time around I wanted to give them a more bolder flavor. I don’t want to bore you with a step-by-step process. I mean it’s pretty simple you wash the beans. Finely chop up some onion and fresh garlic and sautee with sea salt and black pepper. Once those are browning go ahead and add the pinto beans stir them around. Add about an inch of water above the beansh. Lastly add a Maggi seasoning cube. Put in about a teaspoon of tumeric and of cumin. Add more salt and pepper to taste and let it cook down. It’s super fast and super easy and they’re pretty much done in about maybe 15 minutes at the most. 👌🏽

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