Best Brownie Near Me!!

OK so everyone has their thing. The one sweet that is greater above others. For me its the chocolate brownie. Nothing like a Sunday to change your life. I dont care what’s going on. If you give me a hot fudge brownie — I Am Fine. So periodically I need its fix. Its like i start thinking about it at random ass times. Like 9:54 am. No matter what goes on my mind always comes back it. So in Killeen, TX its not really a place I think of when it comes to food. It is it better than the towns around it. Yeah but sometimes you have to work with what u got.

So who got the best brownie? Well lol after being here for forever and some change. Its gonna be Pluckers!!! For some…What is a Pluckers? Its a pretty good wing bar. The favors are good and the meals and sides are really good. But that brownie y’all! Its big enough to share but I don’t. Sorry gotta get your own with me. Its a freshly baked, chocolate brownie, topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. I mean the sugar rush is so serious!! Like I don’t take calls when I’m eating it! You could be a whole soulmate on the other line and once I get home I will call.

Service is typically quick so typically I can be in and out in an hour. Im close to the expressway too. I can quickly get other places so dropping the brownie in any given day is super easy. I curb those female insane mental moments more than people know thanks to Pluckers. 😂 I hope they live long and prosper.

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