Delicias Meat Market


Killeen, Texas is a very diverse community due to dum…dum…dum…Fort Hood being next door. Fort Hood is one of the largest and most populous military bases in the world. Thus it took this middle of nowhere town into well something a wee bit better. When I came here in 2004…again I was hating life. There was nothing here. Over time this place has grown and businesses have been catering to all the various tastebuds stuck here. One need that couldn’t be ignored was the starving market for the specialty grocery stores. So now along with a crazy big asian supermarket there is this latin market. Woohoo!

We have arrived at Delicias Meat Market.

Oxtails!!! OMG!!

Seasoned meat section

This is just some of the spices!! I don’t know what I will use them for but I will continue to expand my spice cabinet.

Freshly baked pastries ….

It’s located in downtown Killeen on “Used Car Row”. OMG!!! It carries a variety of spices, specialty fruits, vegetables, fresh pastries and an in-house butcher. There’s a restaurant with VERY affordable meals already made. Pick what you want and it’s just loaded on your plate. The cook gives you a receipt to pay at the front register and take your paid receipt to back her. Done!

I’m not gonna lie I don’t know what some of the stuff is but it looked yummy.

I was kinda hungover from last night so I just needed grease and fat. For lunch, I picked the Fried Tilapia that she literally just pulled out of the grease and rice as a side. I was in and out in 5 minutes.

Total spent was $5.40 …this includes the tax!!!

I later went back after work to grab a surprise for my boys… PASTRIES!! Only 89¢ a pop! Lil Roc gave his stamp of approval.

Worth the trip for sure!

Delicias Meat Market

1001 E. Veteran’s Memorial Blvd, Killeen, TX 76541


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