Pan-seared Ribeye??! Today was my lucky day!!


1 pack of Ribeye Steaks




Sea salt

Cayenne pepper

Black pepper

1/3 cup of green onion chopped

1 lemon


Olive oil

Normally this cut of meat is out of my price range but the other day at the dealership the meat lady came by lol. So I got them for half price. I will not elaborate further. I was super pumped needless to say and so were the kids. There was 2 ribeyes per pack but due to their size and thickness, I realized I could cut them in half. Only one pack was need for me and the kids. So I still have a pack left!

Party of 4… your table awaits!!

Season the meat to your preferences with the ingredients above and allow it to marinade for 30 mins. Then pan-sear them on medium high on each side in a little butter and olive oil. Squeeze the lemon on each side of the steak. Once you have that nice blackened sear on each side. Place them in the oven on 350 degrees for 10 mins to cook them through.

Fyi: I don’t eat my steaks rare which is why I place them in the oven to further cook. Remember a great sear locks in the juices!

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