Rick’s Hot & Spicy All Purpose Seasoning

So while at the dealership this random guy came in to speak to one of my coworkers. Apparently he makes his own blend of all purpose seasoning and barbecue sauce. He was so passionate about it so I was like well… I’ll bite. It can be used on fish, beef and poultry. By the smell of the blend I knew this was going to super good. So I didn’t add anything besides sea salt to the meat because there is no salt in the blends. It’s slightly spicy but not overpowering. I think it would be a great base for soups, gumbos and stews as well. As I use it more I’ll let you know. It could easily replace your Lawry’s seasoned salt TBT. Just add sea salt and marinate your meat overnight.

I tried the Cajun Blend first with sea salt on steak and threw it on the skillet.

I also tried the BBQ sauce. I used the 5in1 All Purpose Seasoning then added the BBQ sauce all over the chicken. It did not disappoint!!! Now he is local for 2 weeks out the month. He works at the border in the meantime. I left his contact information at the bottom if your interested and I give it a thumbs up! So definitely reach out to him to get some of your own.


Ricks’s Hot & Spicy All Purpose Seasoning

Call: 254-247-5791 rm022007@yahoo.com

Types of Seasonings:

Mild, Combo, Spicy, Cajun, 4in1, 5n1, House, Rick’s Brown Sugar Treat, Alln1

(4in1 combines mild, combo, spicy, cajun) (5in1 combines mild, combo, spicy, cajun)

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