Fish Stew

So this was my first try at making a fish stew. Now I’ve heard rumors about it won’t be a good fish stew without having shellfish and the like in it. I feel that this is false. I think that you can actually make a very good fish stew without having unclean meats in it. I set out to prove my points. This time I decided to definitely bring out the big guns and by the big guns I mean spices that are just out of this world. They can seriously can turn a cup of poop into I don’t know a great mousse. Wait… What??

Wow… I just got the visual on that one but you get what I mean. LOL.

So I decided to let the food do the talking. Let’s get these fresh vegetables popping, a great meaty fish, and power spices like anise and cumin to have a unique flavor.


32 ozs of Pacific whiting fillets sliced in 1 inch cubes

2 cans of chicken broth

Sea salt and pepper to taste

2 tablespoons of paprika

2 cans of stewed tomatoes

1 teaspoon of cumin

1 onion chopped

1 leek sliced

2 bay leaves

8 cloves of garlic chopped

8 red potatoes chopped 1 inch cubes

1 green pepper chopped

3 star anise

1 jalapeño sliced

2 packs of Goya Sazon

Water 3/4 filled in a stock pot

Now one of the best things about this recipe is the fact that once you throw everything in the pot you are pretty much done!! Go have a glass of wine and sit down some where. The most work of this recipe is honestly just the prepping and chopping the vegetables and fish. You set the heat on medium-high. Combine all the ingredients in a stock pot and then let it cook for about an hour and a half. As the meal is cooking make sure to taste it! You may make some adjustments adding a little more. I tasted and stirred periodically. Just added a little salt and pepper while I was watching Netflix. 😂


*** DO NOT remove the skin or you will have shredded pieces of fish all throughout the stew. ***

FYI: Goya is my freaking favorite. I would have added fresh cilantro but I ran out. Sorry didn’t feel like driving back out. 🤷🏽

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