Why I like Red Lobster…

Ok so we are going to go into a touchy subject. I swear a lot of people act as though they are too good for Red Lobster. There are way fancier, pricer seafood restaurants to eat at. I get that. But people were dang near ashamed to admit that they dine there until Beyonce shouted them out in the song “Formation”. I like to go there because of the simplicity of the ingredients and sauces. I love the taste of a fresh clean fish. Always have always will. Other seafood places do have more going on with their sauces but to me it covers the taste of the actual fish. (Not to mention will tear my stomach apart). So yeah I got to Red Lobster for the fish!

Their current menu has tuna poke. It’s a little over $5.00 and makes a great appetizer. It was how I expected it to taste. It is a lighter take on poke. Most pokes are significantly more flavorful. The typical poke is darker because of a more fuller bodied sauce and it’s marinated longer. I believe this was lightly tossed right after I ordered it to be honest maybe I’m wrong…

The fish was very fresh so it was a light and refreshing. This dish is a great way to introduce eaters who are a little scared to step outside the box. It was good. Not fantastic but good nonetheless.

Notice the differences of my homemade Tuna Poke marinaded for 2 hours before serving. **I’ll post that recipe another time.


For my entree, I went with the grilled trout topped with a tomato-cilantro relish, baked potato with butter and sour cream, and chesapeake corn on the cob. The trout was of course more of the star and the sauce was missing more acidity. I think more lime juice was needed to be used because it was more like stewed tomatoes with a touch of cilantro. I added squeezed lemon to balance it out and it was good from there. Probably wouldn’t go for that topping again to be honest but I applaud their effort to bring more flavor to the menu without murdering my insides.

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