My Typical Brunch

I thought I would give you a quick peek at my typical weekend brunch. I don’t wake up early on my days off so this meal I usually eat at like 1pm. Sorry, I’m just not a morning person.

I keep it simple: eggs, a starch, and lots of vegetables. I’m not a fan of super heavy meals especially when I plan to go hiking right after. So this is my go to meal for myself and it’s very rare for me to eat something different. If there is a love interest, I’ll preplan the meal and purchase a steak so can give him a wow meal. Men love their steak and eggs it’s just facts.

Again this not on the regular. UGH. Anyway moving on….

Occasionally, I’ll have bacon but it is BEEF bacon. Since it’s very expensive at over $7 a package, I reserve that for my kids mostly as a luxury meat. I just eat my eggs and stay humble… let them enjoy it.


My latest find was Turkey Canadian bacon! My eldest son Troy has been dusting it off. It is really good too!


To some this looks odd because was never raised to eat this way but as I have gotten older I realized the American diet is just too heavy. Focusing on the fresh ingredients just treats your body right and in turn you will see increased energy and will maintain a healthy weight. Try it out and you will thank me later.

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